Accrual grant, Round 3

Steve Simon


Last year, I applied for a Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute (KCALSI) Research Development grant. It was not funded, but a subsequent grant that I submitted to the Katherine B. Richardson foundation was funded. Both grants are rather small, intended as seed money to encourage development of a larger scale project which might attract funding from the NIH or a large foundation.

I want to revise the KCALSI grant and re-submit it for the 2007 cycle. The KCALSI website has guidelines for this grant (no longer available). I have a PDF version of the 2006 KCALSI grant and a PDF version of the 2006 KBR grant.

This year, I want to emphasize the value of careful planning--if researchers overpromise and underdeliver on the time frame and number of patients, they will lose credibility with the sources that fund their research. The work proposed for this grant will include extensions of the Bayesian framework to non-uniform accrual rates, to rates from more complex probability distributions, and accrual in a multi-center clinical trial. I also want to get some additional baseline data on the frequency with which clinical trials end late and end with fewer patients than originally promised.

You can find an earlier version of this page on my old website.