Additions and improvements to my web pages

Steve Simon


I’ve been busy adding new pages and improving old pages. Here’s a summary of my activity.

New pages. I have added two new courses to my training page:

These courses are incomplete, but I hope to finish them quickly, as I will be talking about both topics in London at the PharmaIQ conference

I’ve also added some definitions to my definitions page:

I’ve also added some more items about my book. I started an “Answer” page for the “On Your Own” exercises that appear at the end of each chapter.

This page is just getting started and I only have answers to two of the exercises, but I want to work on this quicly, as well, because I mention the web page in the second printing of my book. I also created a short summary page about my book,

and I want to include that brief summary at the beginning of my training classes and seminars.

Improvements. The topic list for my weblog has been an useful way to organize the wide ranging set of topics covered in my weblog. I am working on updating the topic list and cross-referencing material from other pages that pre-dated the weblog. For example, when you go to Category: Sample size justification, you will see a list of appropriate weblog entries, and also links to some of the entries on my Selecting an appropriate sample size page. Eventually, I want every page on my site to link to one (or maybe two) categories on my topic list page.

As a second improvement, I decided it would be more friendly and useful if I titled each definition in the form of a question (“What is an alpha level?” as opposed to just “Alpha level” for example) and I want to start linking these entries to the appropriate categories in the topic list.