When the revolution came for Amy Cuddy

Steve Simon


This is one of the best articles I have ever read in the popular press about the complexities of the research process.

This article by Susan Dominus covers some high profile research by Amy Cuddy. She and two co-authors found that your body language not only influences how others view you

The research team publishes these findings in Psychological Science

But there’s a problem. The results of the Psychological Science publication do not get replicated. One of the other two authors expresses doubt about the original research findings. Another research team reviews the data analysis and labels the work “p-hacking”.

The term “p-hacking” is fairly new

If p-hacking is a real thing (and there’s some debate about that)

If p-hacking is a problem

I vote for “noble warriors” but read the article and decide for yourself what you think. It’s a complicated area and every perspective has more than one side to it.

One of the noble warriors/shameless bullies is Andrew Gelman

Susan Dominus. When the Revolution Came for Amy Cuddy. The New York Times Magazine (October 18