My areas of expertise

Steve Simon


I was asked to list my areas of expertise for an upcoming Q&A webinar that I am helping with. Here’s the list I shared.

Statistical software:

  1. BUGS,
  2. JAGS,
  3. R,
  4. REDCap,
  5. SPSS,
  6. SQL,
  7. Stan,
  8. Stata

Data analysis:

  1. Bayesian data analysis
  2. Big data
  3. Cohen’s kappa and other measures of agreement
  4. Clustering algorithms (hierarchical, k-means, model based)
  5. Complex survey designs
  6. Diagnostic tests and ROC curves
  7. Epidemiology
  8. Information theory
  9. Meta-analysis
  10. Mixed models
  11. Multiple imputation
  12. Nonparametric and randomization tests
  13. Pharmacokinetics
  14. Regression (Cox proportional hazards, LASSO, linear, logistic, nonlinear, Poisson)
  15. Research design, quality improvement
  16. Sample size justification
  17. Smoothing splines

There are several other areas that are worth mentioning, though they are, perhaps, a bit peripheral to Statistics.

  1. Clinical trials
  2. Critical appraisal
  3. Evidence-based medicine
  4. Medical informatics
  5. Research ethics
  6. Software engineering

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