My research interests in 450 characters or less.

Steve Simon


I am currently looking for a full-time position. I have been part-time since 2008, because of child care issues. That will change in July 2018 when my wife retires. She’s looking forward to retirement, but I’m the sort of person who will leave my office only in a coffin. Anyway, I’ve updated my resume and written statements on teaching philosophy and on research interests. Those are up in a special spot on my blog, but I also wanted to add a blog entry with a recent request to summarize my research interests in 450 characters or less. Good grief! Any worse, and I could post it on Twitter. Anyway here it is.

My research interests are broad and interdisciplinary. Most recently, I have used Bayesian models to predict patient accrual in clinical trials. An off-shoot is an alternative formulation for the modified power prior that allows you to downweight the strength of the prior distribution when it disagrees with the data. I have also worked recently on mining information from the electronic health record to develop and validate disease phenotypes.

You can find an earlier version of this page on my blog.