Celebrating the failures of medical research using a graphic novel format

Steve Simon


I sent out a flurry of small grants in December and most did not get funded, but one of them did. And I need your help with finding the right collaborator.

My submission, Celebrating the failures of medical research using a graphic novel format, asked for money to support artwork for two case studies, the TGN1412 trial (which I had already started) and the Duke ovarian cancer research scandal. If you are curious, you can view my grant proposal where I outline the need for this work.

Funding is contingent, however: “You must provide the Frontiers Administrative Office with documentation from the University of Missouri-Kansas City legal department that states that the creation of a graphic novel does not infringe on research publications and assure that the researchers/authors are unable to file a lawsuit claiming that the graphic novel is not a fair representation of their science.”

Wish me luck with the legal end of things.

But here’s how you could help. If you know a good artist who might be interested in this sort of work, drop me an email. I have a few leads, but the unusual nature of this work may make it difficult to find the right person.

Important notice, January 23, 2020.

I am in the process of updating my website and blog and am adopting a simpler approach that will ease the maintenance of these web pages. I have about 2,000 pages and they are in a wide range of styles and formats. I will be using markdown code to create fairly minimimally formatted html pages. The process is tricky, and I expect to see a lot of misformatted pages and broken links during this transition. Please be patient.