PMean: Changes to the Introduction to R - SAS - and SPSS classes

Steve Simon


I have helped develop and have taught (along with other faculty in our department) three one credit hour pass/fail classes: Introduction to R, Introduction to SPSS

The first big change is that all of these classes need to more closely adapt to the recent standards in reproducible research. We do some of this already

Most of the data sets that I use in these classes already have good data dictionaries

There are no hard and fast rules about what goes in a data dictionary, but here are the elements that I included in this particular data dictionary.

The data dictionary also includes an entry for each variable with the name of the variable

A data dictionary does not have to include all of the things I listed above and it can include things that I did not include. Use your best judgement to decide how much to document in the data dictionary.

The other thing I want to emphasize in these classes is a changelog file. This file provides a historical record when new programs are written and when new data sets are created. Here’s a fictional example of a changelog file.

Written by Steve Simon

See ~/introduction-to-r-part1/ for an overview of everything.

## 2018-02-20
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Git does not work as well for SAS and SPSS as it does for R