Changes to STAT-L/sci.stat.consult

Steve Simon


Note: STAT-L is no longer active. I am keeping this page around for historical reasons.

Many years ago, I volunteered to develop a frequently asked questions (FAQ) list for the email discussion group, STAT-L. This list is hosted at McGill University and run under the capable leadership of Michael Walsh. You can find the FAQ at either


The STAT-L email discussion group was linked to the USENET group, sci.stat.consult, but about ten years ago, this link broke and no one could seem to fix it. The most active contributors were on the USENET side, so the activity on STAT-L dwindled to next to nothing. I just let the FAQ sit on my web site and gather dust.

Some of the activity on STAT_L has returned, and the link to sci.stat.consult has recently (April 2005) been fixed. You can find the complete archives of STAT-L at

Someone wrote in with a very basic question, but one which I never gave a straight answer to in the FAQ. I’ll have to fix that.

The question was: how do I send a message to STAT-L? There are several ways you can do this.

I have a backlog of work right now, but when that is done, I will update the FAQ and send it out again.

You can find an earlier version of this page on my original website.