Counting pages at my old and new websites

Steve Simon


This page is obsolete, but I am keeping it around, mostly for nostalgic reasons.

Note 2024-05-28: The site is no longer available.

I recently added all the webpages from my old site ( after they were taken down by Children’s Mercy Hospital. I had to do something because I had literally a thousand links that are no longer working. Putting all these pages on the new site was quite an effort, and there are probably a lot of broken links that I still have to fix. An important issue is getting a count of the number of pages at my new site before and after all this content was added. Counting is actually a bit tricky for a variety of reasons.

The first problem is that there are duplicate pages. There are duplicates because the old website used the .asp extension and the new website uses the .html extension. There are duplicates because I updated some of the old pages already.

The second problem is deciding what counts as a page. I have some definitions, for example on the old website, that aren’t part of the count just yet. I also have some short course handouts that are compositions of several smaller web pages. I also have some PDF files.

The third problem is that some of these pages are not linked to properly on the category pages or the archive pages, and they end up falling between the cracks.

A rough count comes from the archive pages. I created an archive page for each year from 1999 to 2012, and here are the counts

This is a total of 902 pages. Add to that the 84 pages of definitions, and the 46 short course handouts, and you have a total of 1,052 new pages.

How many pages were there in my website before this. You can start with the archive pages again.

The Archive2008 page also has links to 89 pages at my new website, since that was the year I switched from my old to my new website. In addition, I have

This is a total of 303 pages. Add to this the 83 category pages, the 27 newsletters, and the 77 personal pages, and you get 490 pages.

I’m sure I’ll revise this number as I continue to update things, but it looks like the size of my website more than tripled from 490 to 1,542 pages.

You can find an earlier version of this page on my website.