Exporting SPSS graphs and tables.

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You can export both graphs and tables from SPSS and use them in other programs

I’ll show you how to export into Microsoft Word

More details

If you want to export a graph

The windows metafile format is usually a good choice

If you want to export a table

Exporting graphs

Once you create a graph in SPSS

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To export a graph

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The figure above shows the dialog box that you get. Click the arrow button next to the EXPORT field to select CHARTS ONLY. Click on the arrow button next to the FILE TYPE field to select WINDOWS METAFILE (.WMF). The windows metafile format is usually a good choice, because you can change the size of your graph later and still keep your lines and fonts looking smooth. Other formats such as bitmap (.BMP)

Click on the FILE PREFIX field to change the file name(s). Make sure that your file names include a drive letter and/or subdirectory that you will easily remember (c://My Documents is a good choice). In this example

Each software program has a different method for importing graph files. In Microsoft Word

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Your dialog box should look like the figure above. Click on the arrow button by the LOOK IN field to select the appropriate file location. In this example

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If you click on the graph itself

Exporting tables

You have several choices for exporting tables. Start by right clicking on the table you want to save.

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You will then see a pop-up menu like the one shown in the figure above. Select COPY from this menu. This places your table on the windows clipboard. You can then paste inside any windows application. In Microsoft Word

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This is the dialog box you will see. You have three different ways to paste your SPSS table into Word.

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The PICTURE option will create a graphic image inside Microsoft Word (see above figure). This image looks nice

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