PMean: Finding me on the Internet

Steve Simon


It is worth tracking the limited number of websites that mention me (and not people who share my first and last name). Here are a few places where I get mentioned, albeit very briefly in some cases.

I received an [honorable mention in an R programming contest run by Revolution Analytics] back in 2012. I actually got a thousand dollar check for this, which makes it a thousand dollars better than any other awards I have received. Interestingly, Yihui Xie is also listed among the honorable mentions for his early work on the knitr package. He has gone on to great fame and deservedly so, while I still toil in relative anonymity, again deservedly so. It is flattering that my work in 2012 and his were considered to be comparable.

I wrote two brief articles about consulting in the April and August 2017 issues of Amstat News. These are not peer-reviewed articles. Amstat News is more like a newsletter than a peer-reviewed journal. Still, it is worth noting. The first article, Why Be an Independent Consultant?, talks about the bad things and the good things that you will experience if you start your own consulting business. The second article, Getting Paid: How to Determine Your Fee, talks about the two ways to bill: by the hour and by the project.

While searching for these two Amstat News articles, I came across three others that mentioned my name, though for something that is not quite so impressive. Starting in 2017, and repeated in 2018 and 2019, I have made the American Statistical Associations list of longtime members. You have to use the search function to find me in the very long list of members of 35-39 years. I think that I won’t move to the next higher category (40-44 years) until 2022.