SAS Tutorial | How to use Git with SAS


Figure 1. Excerpt from video

I attended a very nice talk by Chris Hemedinger about using git with SAS. Git is a program that uses version control to manage a programming project. It is integrated nicely with RStudio, but there are also integrations available for some (but not all) SAS products. This 13 minute video covers some of the main ways you can git with SAS. This is part of the sasusers channel on YouTube. SAS has embraced git and shares much of its open source applications on a github site. SAS also maintains a webpage with advanced resources for developers. Finally, there is a nice set of guidelines about how to organize your projects with git on Chris Hemedinger’s blog, The SAS Dummy.

As a side note, the speaker mentioned Visual Studio Code (VS Code), a free product from Microsoft that functions as an all purpose program editor for a broad range of programming languages.

Chris Hemedinger. SAS Tutorial | How to use Git with SAS. YouTube. Available in video format.