Help for Statistics at UMKC and KUMC

Steve Simon


{Note: a large number of people listed here have moved on.]

I get lots of questions about where to go for help with Statistics for someone outside of Children’s Mercy Hospital. If you are a student or work at the University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC) or at Kansas University Medical Center (KUMC), there are a lot of resources you can investigate.

The UMKC Department of Mathematics and Statistics has five PhD level statisticians:

The UMKC School of Medicine has a new department, Informatic Medicine & Personalized Health. There is no web site available yet for this department, but this group has a PhD level statistician, Jian Li, and a Masters level statistician, Aaron Bonham. The primary contact for someone looking for consulting help is Aaron Bonham (816-235-6688).

The UMKC School of Nursing also has a PhD level statistician:

The UMKC School of Computing and Engineering has several PhD level computer scientists who are familiar with bioinformatics, data mining, machine learning, and/or signal processing.

At KUMC, you should contact the KU Center for Biostatistics & Advanced Informatics. The group consolidates the work of statisticians at the various departments at KUMC. THere is a nice page that list key faculty and staff members.

Currently, there are 7/8 PhD level and 7/8 Bachelors/Masters level staff members in this group. Most have a background in Statistics or in a closely related area. This website also has a nice page

Additional support for research at KUMC is provided by the General Clinical Research Center.

I am familiar with many of the statisticians at UMKC and KUMC. They are all excellent people to work with.

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