Recommended format for homework assignments

Steve Simon


I’m teaching a couple of classes

Here are some guidelines for submission of your homework. Do not follow these guidelines slavishly

Every assignment that you turn in should have a report of one page or less. The report is followed by tables

Write your report in plain English with no formulas

Your report should have a header with your name

Your report should be short. Normally one page is sufficient

If you have graphs

Each table should numbered and appear one per page with a brief descriptive title. With very rare exceptions

If you do not know how to interpret a graph or table that you generated, please post a question<U+FFFD> in the trouble shooting section of the discussion board.

Your appendix will consist of the data dictionary for the raw data that you used and a changelog file if you made any changes to the raw data. You do not need a data dictionary for any files that you create as part of your homework assignment.

Also include the program code and the unedited computer output as separate appendices. For SAS

If you use multiple programs to complete your assignment

Do not submit any code

If your code produces warnings

If your output includes a printout of your raw data and/or your modified data

Each appendix should have a descriptive title.

Combine the report

I will try to create some simple examples of what a homework submission should look like.