How many webpages have I written?

Steve Simon


[Note: this page shows counts from the year 2007. The website has grown substantially since then.]

I wanted to get a rough count of the number of web pages that I have written. I wanted to include pages with the htm and asp extensions and exclude images, pdf files, and spreadsheets. I have multiple directories so it is easiest to count the pages in each directory and then add them up.

There are 1,252 pages by this count. In other counts, I have gotten over 1,400 pages, but this includes some bookkeeping pages that should not count in the overall total.

There are some obsolete pages and pages that I plan to fold into other pages. As I add new pages, I will try to place them in the weblog directories or in the article, book, category, definitions, or website directories. The other directories are being kept around so links won’t get broken.

You can find an earlier version of this page on my old website.