Learning more about SAS

Steve Simon


I had three students who successfully completed the Introduction to SAS class that I am teaching at UMKC. Here is the advice that I offered about how to continue to learn more about SAS.

SAS Institute has an excellent support network and all of their documentation is online, so I would certainly encourage you to check their material. SAS Publications offers numerous books that are all carefully vetted and written by nationally recognized experts. The prices on SAS publications are fairly reasonable. SAS also maintains various peer support communities.

SAS hosts many conferences and the regional conference (Midwest SAS Users Group) usually is held at a location not too far from Kansas City. There used to be a Kansas City Area SAS Users Group with quarterly meetings, but I could not find any recent information about this group on the web.

There is a SAS training center in Overland Park. The courses are not cheap but are worth the money.

SAS Institute offers various certification programs. These also cost money, but provide you with a credential that may help you get a better job.

There’s not a lot of resources outside of SAS that help. The one major exception is the UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education. This site has lots of resources not just for SAS, but for SPSS, Stata, and R. I can’t say enough good things about this site.

The one big thing about SAS is that most of the resources cost money. The three exceptions are the online documentation manuals, the peer support communities, and the UCLA site. Pretty much everything else costs money. The prices are not bad, but you have to decide on your own whether the benefits outweigh the price.