Losing web pages in the mass of information

Steve Simon


This page is currently being updated from the earlier version of my website. Sorry that it is not yet fully available.

Part of the personal value I get from these web pages is making note of something important that I may need six months down the road. But there are now so many webpages that even when I write it down, I still may lose track of it. One of those things that I had lost track of was

which never got assigned a category. I’ve fixed that and hope that there aren’t any other webpages like that.

The philosophy of biostatistics was of interest to me because a recent journal club had discussed a paper that also promoted a particular philosophy.

The paper described combinations of multiple models and reminded me of an article in the December 2007 Statistical Computing and Graphics Newsletter, which is available at

The lead article was about a predictive model which won a million dollar Netflix competition to improve a model to predict customer preferences. It incorporated 107 different data mining models, most of them incorporating some variation of nearest neighbor or latent class models.

I also want to revise my bibliographic entries so that each is clearly tied to a particular category or categories. I also want to annotate each entry, so that I can remember what the relevancy was for this particular entry. This is taking a lot of time and my resulting work on the weblog has slowed considerably. But when I am done revising my bibliographic entries, I’m hoping that the assigning of categories and inclusion of annotations will make my bibliographic entries more useful.

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