Machine learning resources from a seminar by Shuhao Cao

Steve Simon


I attended an interesting seminar presented by Shuhao Cao, a new faculty member in Mathematics and Statistics at UMKC. Almost all of the talk was over my head, but I did catch a few things that I want to document here before I forget them.

The talk covered an interesting new approach to solving partial differential equations that drew from concepts in engineering and machine learning.

Dr. Cao has a github site where he shares all the code that he has developed in this area. He works mostly in Python.

Dr. Cao mentioned some work by Jay Alammar. His blog site includes entries on

An interesting paper is

There is a term, attention, that Dr. Cao used repeatedly in his talk. I did not understand what it meant, but here is a highly cited paper about it.

Dr. Cao also mentioned a blog by Jonty Sinai. Jonty Sinai is currently a data scientist at Microsoft and it looks like his blog covers a broad range of topics in this area including some basic tutorials.

While I understand very little about the resources listed here, they do look like something worth studying, when I have time.