A simple math error

Steve Simon


This page is currently being updated from the earlier version of my website. Sorry that it is not yet fully available.

People write in once in a while to correct errors on my webpages. God bless them! I had an error on my What is a P-value? page.

The p-value involved a comparison of two proportions 91% and 82%. I had listed the two fractions as 171 / 240 and 586 / 719. The first fraction is clearly too small to produce 91%. I had actually misread the table in the paper, and the fraction should have been written as 219 / 240.

This has been fixed, but it will take a few days to upload the fix.

I greatly appreciate people who find these things for me. Perhaps the best example of eagle-eyed proof-reading was someone who noted that my bibliographic reference on Stats: Odds ratio versus relative risk (January 9, 2001) to Fahey 1996 should actually be Fahey 1995. That’s an eye for detail that I have to admire.

You can find an earlier version of this page on my original website.