Moving content to a private site

Steve Simon


This page is currently being updated from the earlier version of my website. Sorry that it is not yet fully available.

I may be setting up a private website to complement the material on this website that Children’s Mercy Hospital has been so grateful to provide for me. This would include content that is inappropriate for a hospital site (such as personal news and updates), but I might move some of the other material to that site as well.

To set up a private site, you need to register a domain name with a domain name registrar. Then you contact an Internet hosting service to place your site. There’s a lot of controversy about the process of registering domain names, but it would be difficult to summarize that here. There are companies that bundle both services together. For example, Microsoft has a product, Office Live, that provides domain name registration, web hosting, reporting tools, and other useful tools.

You can find an earlier version of this page on my original website.