My promotion application

Steve Simon


In previous weblog entries (see below), I discussed the process for applying for a promotion to Full Professor. Yesterday, I turned in a completed a promotion application. I printed PDFs of the application in six separate files and am including them here to offer additional information for the external scholars who will be evaluating me.

  1. PromotionFormsCoversheet.pdf includes the coverpage for the promotion package and a checklist.
  2. PromotionFormsPersonalInformation.pdf provides very brief information about myself.
  3. PromotionFormsSelfAssessment.pdf is a two page narrative summary of my contributions to teaching, service, and research.
  4. PromotionFormsTeaching.pdf provides detailed information about my teaching contributions.
  5. PromotionFormsService.pdf provides detailed information about my service contributions.
  6. PromotionFormsResearch.pdf provides detailed information about my research contributions.

I am still developing a list of external scholars who will review this application.

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