Network analysis in cross-sectional data using R

Steve Simon


These are the slides for a very nice webinar presented by Eiko Fried. Dr. Fried provided a wealth of resources during his webinar (some of these are behind pay walls).

He offered examples of network analysis in the study of bereavement and depression and of [post-traumatic stress disorder][frie2]. He also provided tutorial papers on [network models with binary data][frie3] and [regularized partial correlation networks][frie4], as well as a nice general [overview of network models in mental health][frie5]. He shared a blog posting on [the relationship between a latent variable model and a network model][frie6] and a facebook page on [psychological dynamics][frie7]. He also showed analyses from several R packages, [qgraph][frie8], [IsingFit][frie9], and [bootnet][frie10]. I’m putting those links here so I don’t lose track of them when I revisit this stuff six months from now.

Eiko Fried. Network analysis in cross-sectional data using R. Available in [html format][frie11].

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