Directions to my new office

Steve Simon


This page is obsolete. I am keeping it around mostly for nostalgic reasons.

I have moved to a new office. It is a modular building just north of Children’s Mercy Hospital. It is between 23rd and 22nd street, just off of Kenwood Avenue (Kenwood is a small north/south street just west of Holmes). If you need to get from your office to mine, here are some directions written by my Administrative Assistant, Judy Champion.

Take the elevator of the research tower down to the yellow level. Exit the employee parking garage on 23rd Street, walk to Kenwood and cross 23rd Street. Your destination is Building M 3 which is the building closest to 22nd Street. However, the entrance to our building faces Building M 2. It’s best to walk into the parking area that is just north of Building M 1 and follow the sidewalk around the west side of building M 2 in order to get to our building’s entrance on its south side. Another route would be to exit the Hospital Hill Center Building on Holmes and then walk ½ block north to 23rd Street, cross 23rd Street, walk west to Kenwood then north to building M 3 address 2220 Kenwood.

You can find an earlier version of this page on my original website.