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Steve Simon


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This page is obsolete, but I am keeping it around because I am an electronic pack rate.

You can get free statistical consulting if you work for Children's Mercy Hospital. Steve Simon and Ashley Sherman provide a wide range of statistical consulting services to help you with your research projects. This help can start as early as the initial planning of your research. I also help with the analysis of your data, using SPSS or other statistical software. We can also provide assistance with the preparation of your presentations and publications.

Here area some examples of the services that we have provided:

Specific statistical advice has been outlined on a series of web pages which can be found at The pages provide advice about planning your research, selecting an appropriate sample size, managing your research data, performing a variety of data analyses, presenting research data, and writing research papers.

How to get in touch with a statistician

If you would like to meet with Steve Simon or Ashley Sherman, you can set up an appointment by emailing or calling Judy Champion (jmchampion (at) cmh (dot) edu or 816-983-6784). If you have a very simple question, send an email directly to us (ssimon (at) cmh (dot) edu and aksherman (at) cmh (dot) edu).

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