The latest word on my promotion

Steve Simon


In previous weblog entries,

I discussed the process that I was following to get a promotion from Associate Professor to Full Professor. Here are the most recent developments.

  1. I now have three external scholars who have volunteered to review my credentials. I have several people who have volunteered to help me find appropriate reviewers as well. This has been the most difficult part of the process, as I have to select someone with rather stringent requirements (Full Professor, AAMC accredited school, no personal or professional entanglements). Perhaps this is a sign that I should “network” more aggressively. I need to have a final list of external scholars by October 1. Credentials will be mailed out to the external scholars on or around October 16.

  2. I have a new paper which has been tentatively accepted in Statistics in Medicine. This is good news, as most of my work has been published in medical journals and a good publication in a well-respected Statistics journal will help broaden and strengthen my research record.

  3. I also have taught a dizzying number of short courses and classes and I’m trying to get an accurate list of these. My teaching efforts are quite diffuse and do not fit well into the traditional academic teaching mold.

  4. Pulling together the promotion materials has also made me realize that my resume on the web is outdated. I need to update this page.

You can find an earlier version of this page on my old website.