Public access to publications from NIH-funded research

Steve Simon


[StATS]: Public access to publications from NIH-funded research (February 15, 2005)

The NIH is now requesting publication in PubMed Central of research publications that is supported in whole or in part by NIH grants. The authors can designate a time delay between the appearance of the publication in the journal itself and when the PubMed Central article is available. This delay should be as short as possible but can be up to twelve months if necessary. This acknowledges the economic needs of paper journals to recoup some of their costs of publication through subscriptions while still making available a comprehensive archive of NIH-funded research for health care providers, educators, and the public.

I’ve written about journals that make the full free text available on the web, which makes my job as a web author so much easier. This NIH policy will also help me find and include good relevant teaching example of real research.

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