Quota stratified random sampling.

Steve Simon


Dear Professor Mean, I’m doing my thesis right now and I have to use quota stratified random sampling. I do not know the exact meaning of this term.

When you say “have to use” does that imply that someone is making you use this method? If so, shouldn’t that person give you a book or reference that might help?

I am not familiar with the technical definition of quota stratified random sampling, but generally quota sampling implies that you set a quota for certain groups and you keep sampling until you meet the quota in each group. Have you ever noticed those marketing folks who lurk in the shopping malls with questionnaires on clipboards. Late in the afternoon they swoop down on any males they can find because they’ve already met their quota for females.

Further reading

Everitt has a dictionary of statistics that defines quota sampling. You can also find a description of quota sampling on pages 75-76 of Alreck and Settle’s book.

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