r2d3: R Interface to D3 Visualizations

Steve Simon


There’s an interesting visualization system called d3 that I only became aware of a few months ago. It uses a fairly minimal system, javascript and support vector graphics, but is capable of producing tremendously rich graphics. I’ve tried, when I have a few spare moments, to learn d3. It’s not that complicated, but I am hindered by a lack of knowledge about javascript. It’s also difficult to debug a d3 program. There’s a new library in R that should make things a bit easier for someone like me. It’s called r2d3 and is being promoted with the new preview release of RStudio.

Javier Luraschi, JJ Allaire. r2d3: R Interface to D3 Visualizations. Available in html format.

You can find an earlier version of this page on my blog.