A brief abstract of my research interests

Steve Simon


I attended a working group meeting for researchers interested in Chem bio Defense applications. They asked each attendee to write a brief abstract of their research interests and expertise to share with the others. This will help in identifying areas of possible collaboration. Here is what I wrote:

Steve Simon is a part-time faculty member in the Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics. His primary responsibility is to run the Research and Statistical Consult Service, which provides assistance on research design and data analysis at no cost to all faculty, staff, and students at UMKC. Dr. Simon has a broad background in a statistical design and analysis and over 30 years of experience consulting, mostly in health care applications. The areas mostly closely related to Chem Bio Defense applications include surveillance, data mining, and methods validation. He is also an expert on grant writing, with special expertise in the grant sections relating to sample size justification, data management, and statistical analysis. He has a strong background in statistical computing, with a particular emphasis on Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods and the R programming language. His current research focuses on the use of Bayesian models to predict patient accrual in prospective clinical trials.

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