Writing a scope of work


Figure 1. Excerpt from article

I attended a great panel discussion at the Conference on Statistical Practice on how to write a scope of work. Most of the panelists cited Peterson et al 2022 in their remarks. A second article on how to write a statistical analysis plan, Cressman and Sharp 2022, was also prominently mentioned. An earlier blog post, which I am combining here, cited Bridges 2020.

Jennifer Bridges. How to write a scope of work (example included). Project Management 101 blog, 2020-11-20. Available in html format.

Ryan A. Peterson, Camille J. Hochheimer, Gary K. Grunwald, Rachel L. Johnson, Cheyret Wood, Mary D. Sammel. Stat 2022, 11(1), Reaping what you SOW: Guidelines and strategies for writing scopes of work for statistical consulting. Available in html format or pdf format.

Kimberly A. Cressman, Julia L. Sharp. Crafting statistical analysis plans: A cross-discipline approach. Stat 2022, 11(1), e528. Article is behind a paywall.