Resources mentioned during SDSS


I want to list some of the resources mentioned at various talks during SDSS 2023.

RCloud is a collaborative platform for large scale data analysis developed by Simon Urbanek.

Jason Cairns is doing work on a simple system for large scale modelling in R.

Wainjing Ju presented his R package ggpaintr.

Davit Khachatryan talked about a program that allows students to scrape data from Spotify playlists to explore various patterns associated with their favorite music artists.

Soroush Mahoudiandehkordi presented his R package, gwid, that analyzed SNP data from a GWAS.

Hui Shen talked about an extension of SigClust, an R package for testing the significance of clustering results.

Yue Zhao talked about Regularized Multivariate Functional Principal Components Analysis (ReMFPCA). The link discusses other aspects of Dr. Zhao’s research but not ReMFPCA.

One of the speakers cited Jeffrey Heer and Michael Bostock. Crowdsourcing Graphical Perception: Using Mechanical Turk to Assess Visualization Design, which is an extension of Cleveland and McGill, 1984.

David Dahl gave a talk on cargo, a package that let’s you develop packages for R using Rust.

Lan Jiang talked about changepointS, a package that estimates changepoints using a nonlinear S-shaped curve. A nice resource mentioned in this talk is The Changepoint Repository, a comprehensive resource to publications and software that addresses the changepoint problem.