A simple microarray experiment

Steve Simon


Someone just gave me some data with a small microarray. There are four exposed animals (Exp.1 through Exp.4) and four control animals (Exp.5 through Exp.8). The microarray has 96 genes, as well as some housekeeping genes

Position UniGene Genebank Symbol

97 97 N/A L08752 PUC18

98 100 Blank Blank Blank

99 103 Mm.5289 M32599 Gapd

100 105 Mm.5246 NM_008907 Ppia

101 109 Mm.13020 NM_009438 Rpl13a

102 111 Mm.195066 M12481 Actb

To read this data into R, I first created a comma separated value file from Excel. Then I used the read.csv() command in R to create a data frame. When I have time, I will try to document all the steps in the data analysis of this small microarray.

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