Efforts of biostatisticians in research


I attended a talk on the special issues facing biostatisticians in academic positions. The speaker shared three interesting documents about how to evaluate statistical efforts in the research arena.

Overview of Statistics as a Scientific Discipline and Practical Implications for the Evaluation of Faculty Excellence. This is a position paper published by the American Statistical Association on 2018-01-05. It is written for Department Chairs and Deans in academia and explains what should be considered reasonable expectations in research for statistician faculty members. The research team that developed this document included Bruce A. Craig, Philip Dixon, Edward E. Gbur, Kenneth J. Koehler, Dan Nettleton, Walt W. Stroup, Jun Zhu, William C. Bridges, Raul E. Macchiavelli, Larry Madden, Nora M. Bello, Xin Dai, Jerry W. Davis, Sara Duke, Susan Durham, Carla L. Goad, Nick Keuler, Matthew H. Kramer, JungAe Lee-Bartlett, Bahram Momen, Jason A. Osborne, Neil D. Paton, Aaron Rendahl, Julia Sharp, John R. Stevens, Robert J. Tempelman , Brian S. Yandell, and Kathleen M. Yeater.

Benchmarks for statistical efforts onclinical trials. This is a document on the percentage efforts for statisticians on grants of various size and complexity. It was collated from information provided by UVA, Medical University of South Carolina, Ohio State University, University of Minnesota, Wake Forest University, Duke University, and University of Pittsburgh

Guidelines for Estimating Biostatistician Effort and Resources on Grants. This document was prepared by UC Davis School of Medicine in September 2013 to lay out percentage efforts on grants depending on the size and complexity of the research.