A simple structure for documentation

Steve Simon


Everybody has different standards for documentation

I’m not the best myself at documentation

  1. Your name and (if you don’t mind the publicity) your contact information,
  2. The date you created this program (in some settings the date of last modification may also be helpful),
  3. A brief description of the purpose for the program,
  4. The programming language or statistical package that your program uses
  1. Any version requirements for your language or package (if you’re not sure
  1. specific add-ons that you needed (or state explicitly that no add-ons or libraries are needed),
  2. other files (e.g.
  1. An explanation of how to run this program (again
  1. where you can find this program (either a local directory location for a private program or a repository location if you are making the program available to anyone),
  2. If the program is publicly available

Not every program needs all of these elements

How you structure this information is not important

This is a SAS program written by Steve Simon on July 21