Publication in the ChanceWiki

Steve Simon


Chance News has changed recently to a Wiki format.

Chance News reviews current issues in the news that use probability or statistical concepts. Its aim is to give the general public a better understanding of chance news as reported by the media and to allow teachers of probability and statistics courses to liven up their courses with current news. From 1992 to 2004, Chance News was written by a small number of regular contributors. These are archived on the Chance Website where you will also find Outside resources for teaching a probability or statistic course.

Chance News is now a collaborative effort of its readers in the spirit of the very successful free encyclopedia Wikipedia. The Wikimedia software makes it easy to add new items, or to modify existing items. For this you need to create an account and login. (See the top of any page). It is not necessary to login to read Chance News. Chance News will continue to be freely available under the GNU Free Documentation License.

The new ChanceWiki is available here, and I decided to offer a contribution, based on one of my weblog entries (Allegations of scientific misconduct). This entry is placed in the public domain and others are allowed to freely edit this material. You can view my contribution here.

I’ll make a few editing changes and additions over time, and it is possible that others may edit or add information as well. Editing, of course, could be as minor as fixing my spelling but it could go all the way to wholesale deletion of the entire article if the other contributors to ChanceWiki don’t like it.

You can find an earlier version of this page on my original website.