Some UNIX humor

Steve Simon


The website has a lot of computer humor. Here's one that caught my eye because I am taking a class in Bioinformatics and am learning a lot about UNIX.

MERRY CHRISTMAS better !pout !cry better watchout lpr why santa claus <north pole >town cat /etc/passwd >list ncheck list ncheck list cat list | grep naughty >nogiftlist cat list | grep nice >giftlist santa claus <north pole >town who | grep sleeping who | grep awake who | grep bad || good for (goodness sake) { be good }

I've included links to some Wikpedia entries that document the particular Unix features that this joke highlights. Wikipedia also has a list of common Unix commands. Note that the underlined hyperlinks make some of the symbols harder to read (sorry!). You can find this joke at

Another fun Unix joke is at