Another pitch for my graphic novel project

Steve Simon


I sent out an email recently about a project I have been thinking about doing for quite a few years. Here is the general text of the email with a few changes to avoid disclosing some personal details.

I’m posting it here so that others may find this and offer their help.

I have been thinking about writing a book on case studies on research ethics. There are lots of books out there, but what I want to do is to describe these case studies using a graphic novel format. The real-life stories of people ensnared in ethical conundrums has a lot of passion that can be better characterized through images rather than words. I also want to make these images available in a format that can be easily incorporated into a Powerpoint presentation.

My artistic skills are limited, so I need to pay someone to develop the images that would go along with the case studies.

I have a few web pages that talk in more detail about this:

Celebrating the failures of medical research using a graphic novel format.

Why we need case studies of research ethics in graphic novel format (created 2008-04-03)

Illustrated case studies of research ethics and research fraud.

A short example of where someone did this is

The facts in the case of Andrew Wakefield.

I think there are a lot of case studies that would work well in a graphic novel format.

A project like this may or may not appeal to you. If you have some interest and want to find out more about what I have in mind, I’d be glad to set up a phone call or Zoom session.