Grading rubric for computer assignments

Steve Simon


I’ve been teaching a variety of classes that require students to run a statistical analysis in a package like SAS or R and report the results. There is a tremendous variety of formats that students use

Complete. You should provide enough detail so that another reasonably intelligent person could review your work and have enough detail that they could replicate your work. That means that you provide a complete description of the data set you are using

Concise. The flip side of the coin is that you should include only what is really necessary. If you need to display the data you used, display only enough to give a general idea of what your data looks like. In most cases

Readable. Your assignment should be written so that whoever reads it can understand at a glance what was done. This means that your program code

Error-free. Your program should work

Interpretable. Every piece of output that you include must be accompanied by a simple explanation. If a plot shows trend